Tyre and Rim Standards Manual

Annually The Tyre and Rim Association of Australia updates and publishes a comprehensive Standards Manual that is available for sale.

2018 Australian Tyre and Rim Standards Manual

The 2018 edition of the Tyre & Rim Association of Australia Standards Manual is available and supersedes previous editions.

The Standards Manual are a necessary reference tool if you are:

Tyre manufacturers
Rim manufacturers
Tyre and Wheel retailers
Vehicle and implement manufacturers
Vehicle Service organisation
Transport Authority
Government Body
Road and Traffic Authority
Fleet operator
Agricultural vehicle and machinery user

Contents of the Standards Manual for passenger, truck/bus, off the road, agricultural, industrial, and motor cycles include:

        • All current dimensional specifications for standard rims*
        • Recommended tyre to rim combination*
        • General data, load and inflation tables*
        • Valve standards
        • Inspection standards
        • Supplementary standards

See a sample of content from the Standards Manual.

References for Vehicle and Vehicle Accessories Industries

The 2018 Tyre and Rim Standards Manual is a necessary reference for all tyre and wheel manufacturers and retailers, as well as vehicle and implement manufacturers, vehicle service organisations, transport authorities, government bodies, road and traffic authorities, fleet operators, agricultural vehicle and machinery users. Current Standards Manuals are a nominated standard for many Australian Design Rules (pertaining to the design and manufacture of automotive products) and State Transport and motor vehicle regulations.

Previous editions of the Manual are obsolete.


2018 Revisions to the Tyre and Rim Assn Standards Manual

The Tyre & Rim Association of Australia Standards Manual is revised on an annual basis to include the advances of new technical data for tyres and rims, so that the Manual reflects the latest world wide standards for these products within the jurisdiction of the Association.

Revisions have been made to passenger, light truck, truck and bus, agricultural, industrial and motorcycle sections. Details of revisions can be seen in our article.

The Standards Manual is the “bible” of the industry and is a valuable tool for all those involved with tyres and rims, whether from sales, design or technical disciplines.


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Summary of the Standards Manual sections.

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