Is Tyre Age Important?

The simple answer?  In certain situations – yes. The rubbers used in tyre manufacture can be natural, synthetic or a combination of both. After the tyre has been manufactured it still goes through changes to its physical properties.  Read more..


Tyre Flat Spotting

Do you ever notice a vibration or a steering shimmy during the first few kilometres of driving after your car has been parked overnight or longer? Read more..


Why do I have Irregular Wear on my Car Tyres?

One of the most common queries on tyres that we receive is: “Why have the tyres on my car worn so poorly? There’s plenty of tread on one side and the other side is bald!!” (or a variation on that theme). Read more..


Why has my tyre suddenly disintegrated?

Everyone knows and understands that tyres need air in them. Read more..


All my tyres will wear at the same rate, won’t they?

The load on each of the tyres on your car is different depending on the tyre’s position. What this means is that, depending on the mounting position of the tyre, the wear-rate of that tyre will be different to the tyres fitted on other positions of your vehicle.  Read more..


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